ISO a sparkly nude nail polish

I do NOT want it to be gold. Gold nail polish looks really bad on me.

One of my coworkers had a manicure at this overpriced salon in town and she came out with the most perfect sparkly nude polish I have ever seen. She can’t remember who makes the polish. I can’t afford to pay $40 for a manicure just to find out who makes this polish. I have considered going to browse the polish selections and then faking an emergency, but that’s a last resort.

There were no gold tones in the polish. It wasn’t so much of a glitter but more of a sparkle. It was kind of textured, not just a flat sparkle.

I’ve searched high and low, and by that I mean I’ve looked at Target and Walgreens. It’s driving me insane :( Help?

Love this idea. Will you also be posting where you resell your finds so we could take a peek?

Jodi (super awesome thrifter) sells her items on Instagram at @shopjodiscloset She has a really big following and is able to turn sales pretty quickly. 

I sell 90% of my items at local resell shops. I’ll very rarely list an item on ebay. The only things that go on ebay are items I know I can get at least 60% more for than if I were to sell them locally.

I would ideally like to sell on instagram or another site just because the profit is a lot higher without a middle man. The downside is that it’s very hard to get a shop up and running. Jodi has had hers operating for several years so she has a large market already.

Would you all be interested in reading a blog about things I thrift and/or resell? A coworker and I are basically the queens of thrift shopping and I think a blog would be fun and maybe helpful. Like we could write up some guides on how to spot a really quality item?

I make about ~$300/month reselling clothes and I think she makes way more. She focuses on digging for Anthro, Modcloth, and the like. I tend to stick to more high end designer items and designer denim. We also both love tacky decor, vintage dresses, and every sort of shoe

Is that something you think people would be interested in learning?

Will you be mad at me if I cross post things here first? 

I posted in a group about hosting a board game night at my house. 9 people showed up to the last board game night in this group so I was like “cool! I can host 9 people.”

TWENTY PEOPLE HAVE RSVP’D. TWENTY. My apartment is only 1000 sq ft! I’m going to be so over fire code!

There is no game that 20 people can play at the same time!!! Please pray to whoever you find holy that half of these people find something else better to do with their time.

The other day at work I let this woman and her kid use our bathroom. We don’t usually let people back there because it’s a hassle to have to stand back there and monitor someone using the bathroom. I always let pregnant women, kids, and really old ladies use the bathroom though. The mom thanked me and said “She just holds it all day until it’s an emergency!” and I was like “Yeah, I go through that several times a week.” and she said “Oh, you have kids?”

Nope. Totally meant myself.