The other day at work I let this woman and her kid use our bathroom. We don’t usually let people back there because it’s a hassle to have to stand back there and monitor someone using the bathroom. I always let pregnant women, kids, and really old ladies use the bathroom though. The mom thanked me and said “She just holds it all day until it’s an emergency!” and I was like “Yeah, I go through that several times a week.” and she said “Oh, you have kids?”

Nope. Totally meant myself.

Started from the bottom now we’re here

I think if catfish could sing they’re currently be singing that song.

Today the catfish moved to their new home. They were in a large ziploc bag acclimating to the water. The entire time they were spinning around in circles trying to get out and explore. They went from a 10g with shitty ass water quality and kind of alive plants to a 40g fully planted tank with different levels and caves to explore. 

I do think I may have given my friend a dead snail though. That’s on him though you know, ain’t my tank ain’t my problem.

Stupid crap I get upset over

I’m over being a person who owns multiple fish tanks. I love my betta fish and I’ll continue to help them live their best lives in their tanks until their days of swimming on earth are over, but there will be no replacement bettas. I have three bettas. Two of them live in their own tanks by themselves. One lives with 3 cory catfish. I’m really, really over taking care of the catfish too. Bettas are fairly easy, especially for a person who is lazy 24/7 and busy 5/7 days of the week. The catfish tank isn’t nearly as easy. I have a lot of water issues in that tank because of the increased waste. I stress about this tank way too often.

One of my friends has graciously offered to take my three catfish. His tank is 3x as big as mine and it’s a gorgeous planted tank. I think the fish are going to be so happy there. But I’m so sad getting rid of them. I now know how hoarders feel when they have their 45 chickens taken away from them. Like you know they’re going to better homes, but you also feel like no one will love them like you do.

So yeah, I’m letting my catfish go to my friend’s awesome tank before I become a hoarder.