What’s a good city to live in without a car?

I need to move somewhere where I wont ever have to drive. I’m so sick of driving and being almost murdered in traffic 7 times per day. Driving stresses me out and makes me an angry person.¬†

I don’t want to be that girl who “doesn’t drive” in a city full of drivers. Not being able to get everywhere I need to go without public transit makes me itchy. I don’t want to move to a city with some half assed transit system that makes it so you do need a car sometimes. I want to pack up the pets in a year or two, leave my car at my parents house, and ride the damn train all day.

What are my choices here? Basically just NYC and Chicago?

How I committed a mail crime

Mailman: Is there anything liquid or perishable in here?

Me: Yeah, there is, uh, cans. Of, uh..

Mailman: We can’t mail alcohol.

Me: Oh. Right. No way, it’s a locally produced… soda?

Me: It’s just locally made soda…

Me: It’s peanut butter and jelly flavored.

Me: You know people in Brooklyn, always big on weird sodas.

Me: But yeah, it’s definitely not alcohol

Me: That would be weird

He then grabs a sharpie and writes “soda” on it while looking at me. He asks me 50 questions about how it’s packaged. We have a stare down. I tell him the box is just full of bubble wrap and soda. He tips the box over to test the bubble wrap stability. I drop a few Zooey Deschanel-isms and toss back my hair. The package goes in the mail.

I would be the world’s worst criminal.

Things I want to say when writing up an employee:

"Your shitty attitude is bringing the whole team down and if you don’t brighten up I’m going to write your ass up and send you home."

Things I have to say:

"So we need to talk about some behaviors I’ve noticed that we can work through together!"

I hope I never have to write someone up.